Penomet- A Man’s Best Friend

There is not a single guy who didn’t wish a bigger penis size. Even an inch or two matters a lot. More than a medical problem, it has become a psychological effect which develops the superior concept of masculinity. After a series of dubious enlargement techniques, there is nothing new you can think of trying. Supplements, creams, lotions, sprays and surgeries have created even more hype. There are thousands of the products available commercially and every manufacturer claims his product to be genuine and effective. However, personal experiences of customers suggest different stories.

Out of all these products, only a few actually work and people share good reviews of them. There is not as such a secret for increasing penis size. The reality lies with many faces. There is not as such one thing which makes you or enormous size all of a sudden. If anyone had a secret to do that it, he would have been a billionaire.

What is a Small Penis?

Do you think that you are smaller than a normal penis size? Probably you are wrong. The researchers show that men face a trouble while measuring their size and most of the times they measure wrong sizes. Also, the normal penis size is usually 5-6 inches long with a girth of 3-4 inches. The size variation occurs more in flaccid conditions. There is an exception, some men are smaller than this size and they are perfectly healthy and fertile. However, in some rare cases, both genetics and hormones create a condition which halts the growth of a normal penis. The erect penis of 3 inches or below is generally regarded as a medical condition called micropenis. Sometimes rare diseases or prostate surgeries make the size smaller which appears as a health issue apparently.

A recent statistical report has predicted that the men seeking penis enlargement protocols are not actually small size but average. They consider themselves as small while in real they are normal. With such condition, what matters more is the perspective. It is very difficult to measure your penis size by yourself. Most of the people do it by themselves at home using a measuring tape or a ruler. Looking down with a bent angle, measuring something is not a good idea. It would always give wrong measurements.

Here, psychology plays its part. Average size guys are obsessed with the idea of being less manly. Maybe the porn movies or erotic stories which are fiction based most of the times, have led them to think that only having an enormous bulge will make them manly. A relevant psychiatric diagnosis is termed as the penile dysmorphic disorder which is a perceptual problem with no real grounds. It is similar how some people think that they are fat when they are not even close to fat. The psychology suggests that the people who go for surgeries or enlargement therapies are least satisfied by them. Their expectations are far more than what they get. This situation frustrates them even more.

What Is The Solution? 

One safe and quickest solution is weight loss. Many of the men who consider their penis as small are chubby. Naturally, the fats around other parts of the body make the penis looking thinner and shorter. In reality, the penis is not small but the other parts are much more in proportion. The combination overall doesn’t look normal so they fall for an inferiority complex.

When a person loses weight, the lost fat particularly the area below the waist gets firm and shape. It reveals more shafts and the penis looks longer in size. It even works for surgical weight loss plans such as liposuction or gastric surgeries. Although these methods have side effects but they are not permanent, all these effects go away. The important thing is that you have to maintain the routine of eating well otherwise the lost fats may return giving you the small penis size again. Male Extra Vs SizeGenetics

Penis Enlargement; What Work For It?

Other than weight loss, there are plenty of the products which work for size enhancements. Although the documented research is not common but on the basis or users’ reviews, it is concluded that some of these tricks actually work for you.

The supplements might work for some people. Always remember all the oral treatments never work alone. Even if you take the supplements, they won’t work unless you combine them with strict diet plans and hard workouts. So supplements alone working for you is nothing but the scam. When combined with some lifestyle changes, they would definitely work for you.  Same goes for creams, lotions, sprays and all similar products.

Mechanical exercises are the next thing which people try and sometimes they get results too.  Lifting weights cannot make your size increase. Penis is not a muscle so all the people suggesting you try weight lifting is a wasted advice. Hanging weights to the flaccid penis might work for some people. The thing which matters more is your motivation and commitment.  All the hard exercises won’t give an easy result. The result may take up to 6 months and add one inch only. The good thing is that this increase of size is permanent and not a hormonally induced like supplements do. It’s more like a permanent thing.

Surgery is an option for the people who want quick results with no effort. Most of the surgeries only reduce the ligament which connects penis to the pelvic bone. It makes more space below the belt and more shaft is exposed. This procedure adds an inch or two the penis but it doesn’t make your penis a super penis with surgical tools.

Other devices which work for most of the people are mechanical devices which use a vacuum base system. It sucks the air out and makes the circulation faster. Scientifically it is proven that increased blood flow makes the penis grow more, helps in making it hard and bigger. It is usually bound with a ring which has to fit on the girth of the penis. It works if used for 30mins to 1 hour per day. It should not be work permanently because it may induce tissue damage. It works exceptionally well for erectile dysfunction.

Penomet is an advanced tool popular to be efficient for penis enlargement. It is not a conventional penis device. It has a revolutionary aqua pressure system which creates the vacuum whenever you put it on. Penomet is so convenient that it can be used anywhere, anytime. More than thousand people have reviewed Penomet to be the best painless and effortless solution for size enhancement. It is comfortable and easy. What makes it effective than another device is its flexibility. It supports the penis to maintain the posture and girth. By the use of just 15-20 minutes daily Penomet gifts the extra size to every man who uses it. It is claimed to increase around 3 inches in length and 30% girth by the expert analysis, user ratings, and comments. For a better shape and size Penomet is your new best friend.