Ways to enhance penis size quickly

Self-esteem of males is greatly affected if the size of their penis is small. This causes dissatisfaction in sex that also influences other areas of life. Are you among those men who want bigger penis? Both the sex partners can get more pleasure if penis size is large. Males can feel more powerful and confident if they have a bigger penis. No doubt, exercising plays an important role in making your erections stronger, more satisfying and bigger. But some other ways can also be applied for achieving this objective.

Men often waste their time on using the ineffective penis-enhancement devices but they fail to achieve the desired results. Jes Extender is the best and original penis extender in markets that has achieved the record of quickest male enhancement outcomes. Do not waste your money on the male enhancement products because all of them are not effective. Never go for surgery as it is a risky method. Keeping in view the demand for bigger size penis, I have decided to share few of the most effective and safe ways to enhance penis size.

  • Consume the foods that can promote penis enlargement

If you want your penis to perform better, then you have to start consuming those foods which can promote penis enlargement. Each of these foods has exclusive benefits for health in addition to increasing penis size.

  • Bananas

Research studies have found that a healthy heart may help in enhancing your penis by few inches. It has been revealed that potassium can aid in improving blood circulation as well as health of heart. It would be easier to enlarge penis size if blood circulation in the entire body is perfect. Bananas are enriched with potassium. This fruit can reduce sodium levels within body and also prevents heart diseases.

  • Onions

The significance of onions cannot be ignored when you want to improve blood circulation. Several researchers have also proved the association between the consumption of onions and improved blood circulation. This vegetable also helps in preventing blood clotting. Try to add onions in your regular diet so that blood circulation to heart as well as penis can be enhanced.

  • Salmon

Salmon is enriched with heart-healthy fatty acids such as omega 3. These fatty acids help in thinning blood that causes lower viscosity and ultimately results in better blood circulation throughout body. Erections can become stiffer and stronger if blood flow is healthy.

  • Dark chocolate

It is enriched with flavonol, which is a phytochemical that is commonly found in beverages and foods. Flavonol is helpful in increasing blood circulation to penis. The taste of dark chocolate is also delicious so you would love eating it. Bathmate

  • Watermelon

The size and duration of erections can be increased by consuming watermelon. It contains citrulline (amino acid) that is transformed into arginine and results in dilation of the blood vessels. Watermelon is regarded as super food for males as it can significantly improve their overall health.

  • Ginkgo biloba

Blood circulation can be improved by ginkgo biloba. This herb also helps in stimulating blood circulation to penis. Males can also consume this herb if they are experiencing depression that often becomes the reason of sexual dysfunction. You can easily buy ginkgo biloba from any food store.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli cannot increase the width or girth of penis but it can strengthen pelvic muscles. You can also eat carrots, sweet potatoes, or tomatoes if you do not like broccoli.

  • Jelqing exercise

This exercise has been used for past many years in order to increase penis size. You must wrap hot towel around your penis and also do its massage with the help of lubricant before doing Jelqing exercise. Grip penis by using your forefinger and thumb and then begin milking like movement by pulling your penis from head to base. During jelqing exercise, your penis should be semi-erect. Start with 100 strokes everyday for 1st week and then slowly increase strokes after every week.

  • Male enhancement device

Male enhancement device can surely provide you positive results if you have selected the right device such as Jes Extender. This device is clinically tested that’s why it is safe to use. It applies stable pressure on shaft of penis for creating new cells. In this way, Jes Extender helps in making your penis stronger and bigger.

  • The backwards method

You must take help from a professional for adopting this method otherwise it may become harmful. Simply follow the given below steps.

  • Pull the cock’s skin in backward direction towards body with the help of thumbs.
  • Provide support to your shaft by using other fingers.
  • Hold this pose in a stiff way for only 10 seconds.
  • Take short gap and again repeat these steps.
  • You just need to spend 5 minutes on this method every day.
  • Consume penis enlargement vitamins

Besides consuming the penis enhancing foods, it is also recommended to consume those vitamins that can have a noteworthy influence on penis. Vitamin A works as antibacterial and fights against all the infections that hinders penis enlargement. This vitamin is present in different foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Vitamin B5 improves recovery pace of penis post-exercising that can promote penis enhancement. Performance of penis gets maximum by this vitamin and you can get it from sunflower seeds, shiitake mushrooms, bran and liver. Vitamin C is vital to maintain sexual function and is also considered good for increasing penis size. Foods enriched with vitamin C include guava, citrus fruits, yellow bell pepper and broccoli. You can also get supplements for these vitamins in the form of tablets.

Final verdict

In the end, it can be concluded that men can increase the size of their penis. But they have to be careful in adopting the right and safe way otherwise they will face adverse side effects. The above mentioned ways are best to use if you want to have bigger penis.